The PantherCard is available to all Georgia State University students, faculty, staff, and affiliates. Georgia State University makes available a machine-readable photo identification card (“Identification Card” or “ID Card”) for Georgia State University students, faculty, staff and other classes of individuals with a close association to the University. The primary purpose of the Identification Card is to identify and document these relationships. Therefore, an easy to identify photo of the individual is required in order to process and receive a PantherCard. To get a PantherCard, registered students should bring a valid issued photo government ID to the PantherCard Office, located on the second floor of the University Bookstore Building (above Panther Pizza).  Faculty and staff PantherCards may be obtained approximately 2 business days after all Human Resources paperwork has been processed. The PantherCard is the property of Georgia State University. It should be carried at all times and presented, upon demand, for identification.

Treat your PantherCard as you would any bank issued credit or debit card. Keep your PantherCard away from all magnetic fields that may damage the card. Do not punch  holes, bend, scratch or in any way damage the card.


Immediately report the lost or stolen card in person at the PantherCard Office or contact us at 404-413-9508 during hours of operation.  After hours, report the lost or stolen card to the Georgia State University Police at 404-413-2100. Return to the PantherCard Office the following business day to receive a new card. The owner of the card is responsible for all usage of the card prior to proper notification to the PantherCard office or to the Georgia State University Police. There is a fee of $10.00 for all replacement cards and you are required to take a new photo. Payment must be made at the PantherCard Office so that the PantherCard can be reissued.

All GSU perimeter Faculty, Staff and Students will need to pay the lost or stolen card Fee with a Panthercash Account. We do not accept cash, checks or credit cards at the GSU Perimeter Panthercard Offices. If you currently do not have a panthercash account please visit our PantherCash website to open one.