About PantherCash

PantherCash is a debit account linked to your PantherCard.  PantherCash is simple to set-up, convenient to use, and saves you money at any Georgia State University Campus.

PantherCash can be used exclusively on-campus and is not affiliated with the Money Network/Discover account. 

Discover/Money Network has been replaced with Bank Mobile for student financial aid refunds.

To activate the PantherCash debit account simply fill out an online PantherCash Registration Application.  You will need to make a deposit of $5.00 or more using MasterCard, American Express or Visa and your account will be activated.

Once the account is active, additional deposits can be made at Value Transfer Stations (VTS) on-campus, online at our PantherCash Online Card Office, and at the PantherCard Office during its normal business hours.  VTS machines accept cash only and are correct change.

Students, Faculty, and Staff can complete and submit a PantherCash Refund Form in person to the PantherCard Office with official documentation of leaving the University.