Terms and Conditions

  1. The PantherCash account is a record of pre-deposited funds to be accessed by the Cardholder for the purchase of products and services at Georgia State University. This Account will be administered by the PantherCard Office, a division of Georgia State University’s Campus Services Office, located at 200 University Bookstore Building, or at the mailing address of P. O. Box 3971, Atlanta, GA 30302-3971; 404-413-9508; Fax 404-413-9525. All fees and other charges are subject to change without notice.
  2. To activate a PantherCash debit account, a Cardholder can either (1) visit the PantherCard Office or complete a PantherCash Registration Application online; and (2) make a minimum deposit of Five Dollars ($5.00) to the account. Additional cash deposits to the account may be made in minimum increments of One Dollar ($1.00) in cash, Five Dollars ($5.00) credit, debit, or online.No one but the Cardholder is authorized to make purchases using a PantherCash account. By accepting and using the PantherCard, the Cardholder agrees to abide by the rules and regulations that pertain to use of the card. Future changes in terms and conditions regulating the use of the PantherCard will apply to all cards in circulation and will supersede the terms and conditions in effect at the time the card was acquired. It is the Cardholder’s responsibility to keep all account information (i.e. the information provided on the Cardholder’s PantherCash account registration) current and Cardholders must inform the applicable data administrator of the Registrar’s Office (for student cardholders) or the Office of Human Resources (for employee cardholders) of any address or other changes.It is the responsibility of the individual to be informed of and to observe all regulations and procedures regarding the PantherCash Agreement. In no case will a regulation be waived or an exception granted because an individual claims ignorance of the regulation. All questions concerning fees and refunds should be directed to the PantherCard Office only but claim of verbal misinformation is not grounds for a regulation waiver.
  3. Although there is no daily limit to the number of purchases that may be made and debited from a Cardholder’s PantherCash account, total debits and charges may not exceed the amount of deposited funds. PantherCash accounts will not accrue interest nor may they be used as a credit card or for an advancement of cash.Future PantherCash deposits may be automatically credited to the Cardholder’s account when deposits are made in person and during business hours at the PantherCard Office via cash or credit card. In addition, deposits may be made on-line via credit card at the PantherCash Online Card Office, or via cash at any Value Transfer Station (VTS) or Payment Headquarters In Location (PHIL) machines on campus.
  4. PantherCash refunds are only permitted upon the following occurrences: University graduation, withdrawal, suspension, or expulsion as a student, termination of University employment, or other release from the University. The PantherCard Office requires that the Cardholder provide documentation supporting the basis for a refund request plus a PantherCard ID before refunds will be processed to the Cardholder.A PantherCash Refund Request form is available at the PantherCard Office. Refunds may be processed by (1) completing the request and returning it in person to the PantherCard Office; or (2) mailing a notarized request form together with copies of the above-referenced supporting documentation. Merchandise returns at most PantherCash retailers may be accepted for refund in accordance with the refund policy in effect at the place of purchase. If refunds are provided, refunds will be credited to the Cardholder’s account. No cash refunds will be made for any purchase made with the PantherCard.
  5. The Cardholder’s account will become inactive:
    • Six months after the Cardholder ceases to be an active/enrolled student of the University.
    • If the Cardholder ceases to be an employee of the University for any reason.
    • If the Cardholder, as an affiliate, completes his/her stay at the University.
    • If the Cardholder alters, falsifies the PantherCard, produces or distributes false IDs, or uses duplicate copies of the PantherCard for University benefits or discounts.The PantherCash account balance shall become subject to an annual maintenance fee of Twenty Five Dollars ($25.00) or the remaining balance of the PantherCash account, whichever is less, after each year of inactivity.In the event a PantherCard account is inactive for 5 years and retains value, the PantherCard Office will notify the account holder before remitting the account value to the Georgia Department of Revenue’s Property Tax Division as State Unclaimed Property.  If the account value is $50 or more, the PantherCard Office will provide notice via 1st class mail to the account holder’s last known address at least 60 days prior to turning over the account value to the State.  If the account value is less than $50, the PantherCard Office will e-mail the Cardholder at the last known e-mail address on file and wait 10 days prior to turning over the account value to the State.
  6. To prevent unauthorized use of lost or stolen PantherCards, Cardholders should immediately report the lost or stolen card to the PantherCard Office at 404-413-9508 to insure proper deactivation. After business hours, Cardholders should report lost or stolen cards to the Campus Police at 404-413-2100. Telephoning is the best way for Cardholders to keep his/her losses down or losing any remaining balance in the PantherCash account. You could lose all the money in your account. If a Cardholder informs the University of a lost or stolen PantherCard within two (2) business days (Monday through Friday except for legal and University Holidays), the Cardholder will lose no more than Fifty Dollars ($50.00) if someone has used the Cardholder’s PantherCash account without the Cardholder’s permission. However, if a Cardholder does not inform the University of a lost or stolen PantherCard within two (2) business days after the Cardholder has learned of the loss or theft of the PantherCard, and the PantherCard Office can prove it could have stopped someone from using the PantherCash account without the Cardholder’s permission if the PantherCard Office had been informed by the Cardholder of the lost or stolen PantherCard, the Cardholder could lose as much as Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00). Cardholders should return to the PantherCard Office to receive a new card. Cardholders are subject to paying a replacement fee for the card.
  7. The Cardholder may access their account statement at panthercard.gsu.edu. A Cardholder may also request an activity statement in person or in writing from the PantherCard Office. If the request is made in writing, the Cardholder must present documentation of proof as to his or her identity. For immediate fund balance inquires, the Cardholder may access the information online at panthercard.gsu.edu (PantherCash Online Card Office), at any VTS or (PHIL) locations, or by reviewing purchase receipts given at any applicable retail operation accepting PantherCash.
  8. The Cardholder must inform the PantherCard within sixty (60) days as to any error in his or her PantherCash statement. If the Cardholder would like more information about a specific transaction, the Cardholder should contact the PantherCard Office in person or writing as to the specifics of the inquiry.If the PantherCash statement shows transfers that the Cardholder did not make, the Cardholder should immediately report the non-authorized purchases. If the Cardholder does not report the error in his/her PantherCash statement within sixty (60) days after the statement was mailed, electronically sent, or posted for review by the Cardholder, the Cardholder may not get back any money he/she has lost after the sixty (60) days if the PantherCard Office can prove that it could have stopped someone from taking the money if the Cardholder had advised the PantherCard Office in timely manner. However, if there is a good reason (i.e., long trip or hospital stay) which kept the Cardholder from informing the PantherCard Office, the PantherCard Office will extend the time periods.The PantherCard Office will investigate all claims of PantherCash account error and will provide a written response to the Cardholder within twenty (20) business days of receipt of notice of claim. If an error is found, the PantherCard Office will make the necessary adjustments to the account; if no error is found, the PantherCard Office will provide the Cardholder with a written explanation. The Cardholder may request copies of the documents used to conduct the investigation.
  9. Information about the Cardholder’s account will be disclosed to third parties only for the following reasons: in order to complete a transaction; in order to comply with a government agency or court order; in conjunction with all other cardholder accounts in the aggregate but not specific in regard to any individual’s account; or with the Cardholder’s written permission.
  10. This PantherCash account is non-transferable. Possession of the PantherCard is a privilege. Ownership of the ID remains with the University upon separation. Misuse of the PantherCard warrants its confiscation by the University and/or disciplinary action as deemed appropriate by the University.